Digital Innovation & Transformation Foundation Online Course

Get the Knowledge and Credential you need for Professional Success in the Digital Era.

Credential in Digital Innovation & Transformation

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be one of the people with the highest professional demand?

The truth is that Digital Innovation and Transformation is one of the fastest growing and highest paying professions today, by most people do not have professional credentials to prove their knowledge and experience.

This course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals in Digital Innovation and Transformation based on easy-to-understand good practices for today’s Digital Era.

Through a series of modules and lessons, this 100% online and self-paced course aims to teach you the bare minimum you need to orchestrate a successful digital transformation of your business.

In addition, this course allows you to demonstrate the knowledge acquired through a Certificate in Digital Innovation and Transformation, which you are free to ask once you finished the course.

Digital Innovation & Transformation Foundation Course

This course on Digital Innovation and Transformation can be taken wherever you are.

Using an online platform, the course is an example of how the Digital Economy has been changing the way we learned and create better lives without the inconvenience and costs that traditional business impose on us.

The modules and lessons of the course will guide you through the good practices of Digital Innovation and Transformation, which will help you understand how the Transformation of businesses occurs with the support of Digital Technologies, at the same time that allow you to put these practices into practice in your business.

Each lesson of the course has proved to be a highly effective way to develop a fast and solid understanding of new knowledge. At the end of the course, you will have a basic but fundamental knowledge of what is needed to manage and lead the transformation of your business.

Registration to the course is forever. Yes, forever. And by registering you will have access not only to the current modules and lessons but to all those that are continually being added on a monthly basis.

What will You Learn in the Course?

You will explore various themes, frameworks, and good practices of Digital Innovation and Transformation.

This will provide you with a complete understanding of digital innovation and transformation of businesses, along with how to manage and lead it.

This course will cover the following topics, which will include a breakdown of the basic and fundamental concepts, as well as how each works within the general framework of Digital Innovation and Transformation:

Digital Transformation Management
Customer Experience Management
Business Innovation Management with Design Thinking
Business Development Management with Lean Startup
Agile Product Management with Scrum
Management 3.0
Change Management 3.0
Lego Serious Play

10 Results that the Course can help you achieve

By taking the course you will achieve several results that will strengthen you professional development.
  1. 1
    Be among the small number of accredited professionals in Digital Transformation.
  2. 2
    Ensure participation in cutting-edge digital transformation initiatives.
  3. 3
    Assure the contracting organizations with your knowledge and your constancy in transformation.
  4. 4
    Help teams work with a common approach to transformation.
  5. 5
    Eliminate resistance to innovate, digitize, and transform.
  6. 6
    Get involved in innovative and transformative initiatives.
  7. 7
    Stop working in organizations that lack budget, capacity, and ambition.
  8. 8
    Help executives and managers recognize the true organizational value of their digital initiatives.
  9. 9
    Persuade executives and managers to be more ambitious with financing and innovation.
  10. 10
    Outperform your competition in the race for the best transformation roles in your organization.

Who is the Course for?

This course is for Business and Information Technology leaders and managers who wish to prosper in the Digital Era.

This includes, but is not limited to, Business and Information Technology leaders and managers such as CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, COO, Program Managers, Project Managers, Account Managers, and Subject Matter Experts who wish to be one step ahead in the details of Digital Innovation and Transformation.

The course is for those who take their transformation profession seriously and want to obtain a certificate that certifies their knowledge as a Business Transformation Professional.

 Course Structure

Module 1 – Digital Transformation Management: This module contains the best practices of the industry, for today’s Digital Economy, to manage the digital transformation of organizations.

Module 2 – Customer Experience Management: This module contains the best practices of the industry, for the Digital Economy of today, to manage the experience of our digital client.

Module 3 – Business Innovation Management with Design Thinking: This module contains good industry practices for managing business innovation with Design Thinking.

Module 4 – Business Development Management with Lean Startup: This module contains the best practices of the industry for the introduction of new products or services based in the Lean Startup.

Module 5 – Agile Project Management with Scrum: This module contains industry best practices for agile project management and development based on the Scrum framework.

Module 6 – Kanban: This module contains good practices for managing the workflow of a process based on the Kanban framework.

Module 7 – Management 3.0: This module contains the good management practices of an organization based on the Management 3.0 approach.

Module 8 – Change Management 3.0: This module contains good practices of organizational change management based on the Change Management 3.0 approach.

Module 9 – Storytelling: This module contains good practices for storytelling based on Storytelling.

Module 10 – Lego Serious Play: This module contains good practices for team development using Lego Serious Play.

Why do I have to Take this Course?

Because Digital Innovation and Transformation Management positions pay very well!

By taking our Foundation Course in Digital Innovation and Transformation, you will learn how to deal with complex transformations in organizations with a significant workforce.

The fact that thousands of transformations are struggling, stalling or even not starting, demonstrates the huge shortage of Digital Innovation and Transformation Management capacity around the world. Many senior managers and leaders are suffering because while they understand how to lead and manage their “operational” business, they generally do not have the time, knowledge, or experience to successfully lead and manage the “transformation” of their business.

As a result, organizations are willing to pay well for the new Digital Innovation and Transformation Management professional they need to achieve their strategic goals and satisfy the stakeholders and customers.

If it’s for you to acquire the knowledge and consistency you need to enter or excel in one of the most exciting careers of the year, this course is for you. Not only will it help you secure the best transformation positions, but it will also enhance your capabilities so that you can perform at your best in whatever current transformation role you may be assuming.

By taking this course, you can acquire two components that you need to be successful in your Digital Innovation and Transformation Management career: Knowledge and Consistency, which in turn gives you Credibility.

What else will the Course Help You?

You will acquire the knowledge to justify why you are the person your business needs to lead or manage its transformation.

Transformation in which executives and directors need to focus on in the next digital decade.

As you progress through the course, you will acquire the basic and fundamental knowledge you need to innovate, digitize, and transform any organization in any industry, in any country.

You’ll leave the course with more insight into transformation than most leaders and senior managers have these days.

Your knowledge in digital transformation will be reflected in the Certificate of Digital Innovation and Transformation you obtain once you finish the course.

This certificate allows you to accredit 61 PDUs before the PMI in case you are a PMP.

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About The Trainer

Víctor Reyna Vargas is the founder of DOBLERRE & ASOCIADOS and is a professional specialized in Organizational Agility for Business Transformation.

Currently, he works as adviser, consultant, mentor, and trainer in Digital Innovation and Transformation, Governance of Information and Technology, and Digital Government.

For more than 20 years he has helped various organizations make the best business out of technology.

Víctor is a constant transformation practitioner and the founder of a company that intends to help his clients achieve the results they seek.

He is involved in the reality of Digital Transformation every day, unlike many course instructors who teach but do not practice.

Víctor has helped hundreds of people update their knowledge of Digital Innovation and Transformation, Governance of Information and Technology.

Víctor is the holder of the following international certifications:

  • PMP of PMI
  • ITIL Expert of OGC (AXELOS)
  • TOGAF Certified of The Open Group
  • Scrum Agile Master Certified of SCRUMStudy
  • Digital Business Transformation Management Certified of CXO Transform